The Ten Landmarks of Job’s Daughters

Job's Daughters was organized and consent obtained from J. B. Fradenburg, the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska;

Mrs. Anna J. Davis, the Grand Matron of Nebraska. Order of the Eastern Star; and James E. Bednar, the Grand Patron. to work under the following landmarks:

First: To be known as Job's Daughters.

Second: Membership to be composed of developing girls who believe in God and bear a Masonic relationship.

Third: The meeting place to be called a Bethel.

Fourth: The teachings based on the "Book of Job" (with special reference to the 42nd Chapter: 15th Verse).

Fifth: To be taught in three epochs (not degrees).

Sixth: Motto: "Virtue is a quality which highly adorns woman. "

Seventh: The emblems to be the Open Book, Horn of Plenty and the Lilly of the Valley

Eighth: Requiring all members, guardians and visitors to assume a pledge based on honor.

Ninth: To be a democratic organization with the right of appeal to a supreme authority. with all members and guardians amenable to the laws

Tenth: A Supreme Guardian Council with Constitution and Bylaws in conformity with landmarks governing Supreme Guardian, Subordinate Guardians and Bethel members.